The X Commandments for Success

- Hendrik Themas -

July, 2017

The following combines some of the key principles that have brought me success. All this established into the Ten Commandments. These points work in many areas of life not just fighting.

I. Have fun Hendrik walk-in

Enjoy what you are doing, if you can't... then you are wasting time and effort. Even the hardest, most excruciating workouts can be enjoyable. When it gets difficult, just put on that bright white smile for a second and things might change immediately. You can only excel in something that you love... think about that for a second.

II. Compete

Competition brings out the best of you.  It doesn't even have to be or can always be in the literal sense of the word, but there are always marks, competition and most importantly yourself that you can try and beat. Going after being better than something or someone means improvement and that's what you should always aim for.

III. The "ABC" - always be closing

Whether training or fighting, always have the desired goal in mind and go for it. Do not just go through the motions. Throw every punch/kick with bad intentions... for the KO. Scoring here and there is nice, but who's counting!? (the ABC reference props to FTMS)

IV. Let go

The past is a lesson, but stay in the moment. Be able to forget the bad workouts, fights etc. - that burden will slow you down. Equally, don't coast on past success - that momentum will stop eventually if you don't keep pushing.

V. Team

Keep communication open and ideas welcome, build trust. Your team has roles and each member has strengths, do not try and do it all. Another angle can have a better viewpoint than you.

VI. Plan

Wanting something does not suffice. Knowing exactly what, how and when will happen is key. Visualize it, live it, breath it. It's almost never instant, progress can be a slow process, but your plan sets you a step ahead. 9+1=10, but so does 1+9... also consider variables and the unknown. A plan will keep you focus but don't sweat the small stuff - the bumps don't matter if the direction remains.

VII. Hard work beats talent at the end of the day

Easy come, easy go as they say. Go for consistency. Don't just make it to the top, stay there. A 0.1% improvement can separate the winner from the loser - work for that lead. Remember that discipline equals freedom, prioritize... if the must bes are complete you have more time to just play around guilt free.

VII. Fake it till you make it

If you are not the champion yet then you have to believe that you are. Fighting is a mind game. You may have the athleticism and skill-set, but if the throttle is not pressed down fully then the potential is never reached. Fight big, at some point the illusion can become reality. At the top level, the mental part is the critical aspect.

VIII. Preparation meets opportunity - recognize it

You might be offered a big fight... a gateway to your dream. Don't be scared to face it, go for it. Don't be scared of losing, be afraid to quit.

IX. Be humble

In the fight game. Your opponent make you. Be thankful and respectful. It is never personal. You both go after the same thing, if you lose, do it with dignity, if victorious, show respect. It's ok to be appear arrogant if the cause is confidence, but it's not ok to be blown up - actions always speak louder than words.

X. Celebrate

It is essential, it is fuel. Celebrate the small and the big. Remember that the process is often the most enjoyable, when reaching a milestone you have to reward your team.